Remove metadata and hidden data from your documents online!

Remove metadata and hidden data from your documents online
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*Data retention: The processed files are not stored more than the time necessary to allow metadata processing. If you require more information contact us.

Prevent data breaches by removing hidden data and personal information from your email attachments.

Start now with MetaClean API.

Fast response

100% Online. No installation needed.
Easy integrate MetaClean API into your applications or systems.

Remove metadata

Remove metadata from documents, not just anonymize them.
Only metadata will be removed, the rest of your information will not be affected.

Compliance Reliability

Compliance with applicable regulations: GDPR, ISO-27001 and others.
MetaClean use secure communication protocols.

More than 100 file types supported

MetaClean supports more than 100 types of files, including office documents and multimedia files.
Process files in compressed format: ZIP and 7ZIP.


Get More With MetaClean API...

MetaClean API allows you to search, consult, modify or add standard and custom metadata in documents and multimedia files.
Actions can be customized by application or system where the MetaClean API is integrated.

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