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MetaClean Web Portals automatically deletes metadata of files published in web servers.

When users browse their websites and consult any of the published documents, MetaClean for Web Portals will automatically delete the metadata from the files consulted or downloaded by the user, avoiding leakage of confidential information that may end up turning into potential and high security risks for your business.


From 860

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Key Functionalities

  • Automatic detection of documents processed by MetaClean: MetaClean Web Portals will detect if MetaClean processed a document since the last time a user requested it and, therefore, will determine if a document requires the deletion, addition or modification of its metadata or can be sent directly to the user, this functionality optimizes the use of web server resources, as well as a considerable reduction in response times.
  • MetaClean for web portals can be run as a scheduled task to remove all metadata from web server files.
  • Automatically deletes metadata from documents published on websites or web portals.
  • Creation of metadata templates to eliminate, add or modify standard or customized metadata to facilitate the modification of metadata in the documents.
  • Possibility of creating an unlimited number of metadata templates to establish corporate policies by department or area.
  • Continuous protection in real time against leaks of confidential information through metadata without user intervention.
  • Allows to tag the documents with customized metadata.
  • Compatible with cloud storage: Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

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