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Remove metadata from your documents from the command line

Removes metadata from files published on your websites.

MetaClean for Websites automatically removes metadata from files published on web servers.

When users navigate through your websites and request for any documents published, MetaClean for websites will automatically remove the metadata from the files selected by the user, deliver them without metadata avoiding the leakage of sensitive information that may result a potential and high security risks for your business.

Minimum resource consumption: If a file that was previously requested is selected by another user MetaClean for websites will detect that this file has already been treated and the web server will deliver it directly, in this way MetaClean improves web server performance reducing response times.

Automatic detection of modified files: MetaClean for websites will detect if a file has been modified since the last time it was requested by an user and thus determine if it requires the removal of metadata or can be deliver it to the user directly, this functionality optimizes at all times the use of web server resources.

Remove metadata by scheduled task: MetaClean for websites can be run as a scheduled task to remove all metadata from web server files.

Both for performance and compatibility with different web platforms, MetaClean for Websites is positioned as the most effective solution in preventive security against the leakage of sensitive information in web environments.

MetaClean has been tested in Softpedia labs and tested with industry-leading security solutions. MetaClean is a product free of adware, spyware or virus components.

Key Features

  • Compatible with the main web servers in the markert: Apache, IIS, Nginx y Lighttpd.
  • Configuration at folder level or completed website.
  • Customizable:Customized selection of file extensión to process.
  • Multiplatform: Unique market solution available for Operating Systems Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac.
  • Monitoring of the metadata cleaning process and alert management.
  • Detection and metadata cleaning process transparent for the user.
  • Normal function and development of Website are not affected.
  • Minimum consumption of resources and short response times.
  • Real-time protection against leaks of sensitive information in metadata.

Compatible files:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Office 97, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016:
    • Microsoft Word Compatible formats: .doc, .dot, .docx, .docm, dotx, dotm.
    • Microsoft Excel Compatible formats: .xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltx, xltm.
    • Microsoft Power Point Compatible formats: .ppt, .pot, .pptx, .pptm, .potx, .potm.
    • Microsoft Visio: .vsd.
  • Compatible with Open/Libre Office documents:
    • Text documents (.odt).
    • Spreadsheets (.ods).
    • Presentations (.odp).
  • Compatible with PDF documents. Versions 1.0 and above.
  • Compatible with Image, Audio and Video files:
  • Compatible with ZIP files:
    • Remove metadata from files even if they are compressed within ZIP files.
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