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In just three steps you can view, search, edit or remove the metadata of one or more files at the same time:

    • Select the files you need to modify: This can be done manually by clicking "Load Files" button, automatically using the "Search Files" tool where you have to specify the file extension and root path and the tool will search for you, or by drag and drop your files at once from file explorer.
    • Click on the list of uploaded files, modify the metadata you need and click on "Save Changes".
    • If you need to clean hundreds of files at once click on "Batch Process", a window will be displayed where you can choose to overwrite the original files or save the modified files to another location.

If you need to modify many files simultaneously you can purchase a professional license. This allows you to manage metadata of all selected files with a single click.

It is easy and intuitive.

Manual loading of files
Choose FilesSelect the files in which you want to view, edit or remove metadata.
File search tool
Choose FilesUse this tool to search your files.
Searching Metadata
Searching Metadata in DocumentsSearching metadata among all your documents
Searching Metadata
Searching Metadata in MultiMedia FilesSearching metadata among all your MultiMedia Files
View metadata of document
Manage Document MetadataView and Edit metadata. You can customize properties.
View metadata of multimedia files
Manage Metadata of Multimedia filesView and Edit metadata of your Image, Audio and Video files.
GPS metadata in Images
Add location to your photosYou add/remove any location you want to your photo.
Batch Document processing
Batch Document processingOpen a new window for document batch processing.
Batch Image Processing
Batch Image ProcessingYou can apply the same metadata to hundreds of files at once.
Batch Processing Reports
Batch processingBatch Processing with Summary Report.